Jasper National Park is famous place to visit in Alberta, so it’s no surprise couples would want to take advantage of this park’s beauty and plan their elopement photos here. It’s second of the most visited national parks in the region. 

Spirit Island is a very small island in Maligne Lake and is one of the most popular and photographed places in the Canadian Rockies.

The colour of the water is different at Spirit Island. The further south on the Maligne lake you travel, the closer you get to glaciers, and the more emerald the water becomes due to the presence of rock flour from the glaciers.

elopement at spirit island

Spirit Island Tale

There is a story in Stoney Nakoda First Nation mythology about two lovers from two rival bands. Love does not choose so the boy and the girl from opponent tribes felt in love. They found the island where they felt far away from their troubles. They could spend time together there without worrying about someone finding them. One day the girl decided to tell about her affair and tribe’s chiefs banned her from ever returning to the island. The boy loved her more than anything and never gave up on her. He kept coming back to the island hoping to see her again. Unfortunately she never came back and he died of longing on the island. His spirit remains on the Island.

Details from Britt & Dylan's adventure kayaking elopement

Britt and Dylan believed that the view of the island will be the best choice to unify their love. They wanted to have the same experience as those lovers from the past; going far away from the civilization to the oasis of peace, where they could be with the nature. 

It took us couple of hours of paddling in a beautiful weather to get to the campground located only 2 km form the island. We waited until next day for the sunrise. We woke up early morning and still in the dark paddled to our destination. Finally from far behind we saw the outlines of the famous island. In the air we could feel the spirit of the boy. The sky changed the colour to the red and the wind started to blow, we heard the waves crashed onto the dock. We got the feeling that the story is true and we had to leave…..the journey back wasn’t so easy because the raised waters of the lake turned out to be a real obstacle. We fought with the waves and strong wind and eventually we came back home.

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