mountain reflection on the lake

Dan and Chenxi love the mountains. They always dreamed of having their wedding photos in the Rockies during the fall. 

Banff adventures in fall

Dan and Chenxi love adventures so they agreed without hesitation to go on a night hike to take wedding photos during the sunrise. Fall is favourite time of year in Banff National Park. The weather is perfect for ideal hiking condition

Sunrise wedding photography in Banff National Park

Canadian Rockies have a lot of breathtaking trails.

We decided to go to a location with beautiful larches. Banff National Park is famous for its beautiful larch trees. It took us about two hours to get there.

Larches and mountain view elopement

It was very important for us Banff photographers to photograph our couple during sunrise surrounded by orange larches and mountains.

We must admit that we were very lucky that day. The morning in the mountains was marvelous. We not only had a stunning sunrise, golden trees and mountain peaks but also a spectacular reflection in the lake.

We hope  the elopement photos reflect the beauty of nature that four of us experienced.

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Bride changing to her wedding dress
Bride helping groom to get ready
brigand groom holding hands in the mountains at the lake
bride and groom kiss in sunrise light surrounded by golden larches
Mountain reflection in the lake
bride hugs groom in Banff National Park
bride holds umbrella in the mountains
eloped couple reflected in the lake
bride and groom after night hike
married couple hold each other after sunrise adventure hiking in the mountains

We are Dorota and Marcin, Banff elopement and wedding photographers taking stunning sunrise mountains photos. 

Our work is best described as documentary photography that captures candid moments and artistic portraits during the wedding day.

We also capture couples love in the natural beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.